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A New Choice for Childbirth Education in Central New Jersey

There are many options out there when it comes to childbirth education courses. It can be difficult to determine what course is the best fit for your family.

You want non-biased evidence based information.

You want to form your own opinions about how you plan to birth. You don’t want to be fed an agenda or feel judged for making the choices that are right for you. You want freedom to explore your options.

You can hop online and google your question and get information back immediately. You want an expert who understands your local community. Someone who will help you sort out what is fact, opinion, and over dramatization.

You want to attend a course that is current and engaging.

You want a course that values your time.

You may even want a custom course delivered discreetly in your own home.

Crossroads Birth Services is excited to announce that we are now offering childbirth education in central New Jersey.

Our courses are designed to fit the needs of modern families.

All of our courses will teach you unbiased, evidence based information. There is no agenda and you will be prepared for the birth you desire, while still having realistic expectations about the unpredictable nature of childbirth.

We know that many families are unable to fit in a course that extends over an entire trimester or sometimes even just an entire weekend. Our standard courses range from two hours to nine hours.

We have private and semi-private courses.

Our private courses are custom built for each family. By discussing your goals for education we deliver a product that is tailored to your needs and timeframe. You get to choose a class that works on your schedule and not have to fit a prefabricated mold.

You can choose to host a semi-private class with friends who may also be expecting.

Our courses are for families who:

Are planning a hospital birth

Are planning a home birth

Know they want pain medication

Know they want to avoid pain medication

Don't know what they want

Are first time parents

Are adding to their growing family

Have a lot of time before their due date

Have a due date that is fast approaching

Contact us today to discuss what course is right for you.

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