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I Wish I had a Moving Doula

So my family is getting ready to move. Not too far but it is going to require doing some work on our current home, selling our home, finding a new home, buying it, and moving. It all seems simple enough but when I realized this was going to happen sooner rather than later I turned to my husband and said, “I wish there was a moving doula.” Here is why…

It would be great to have someone to help me to gather information. Which school districts are the best? Should we find a storage unit that is onsite or offsite? What is going to add the most value to our home?

I would love if someone could help me set up “systems.” Finding efficient ways to pack and unpack. A sounding board to determine what things need to be purged vs packed. Ways to keep my home “show ready” while it is on the market without going crazy. And more…

Having someone to help through the emotional parts of moving. The stress. The sadness of moving out of our first home. The highs and lows of making offers on our next home. Reacting to the offers that are put on our home. Leaving the only home my children have known and at the same time realizing they will probably never remember this home. Having someone to help process all of this and reassure me it’s normal and doesn’t judge when there are random tears.

Having someone who reminds me to take care of myself. Someone who brings me food when I have been packing for hours. Someone to give me the perfect backrub when my muscles ache from painting rooms on end. Someone who also makes sure that my children feel safe and secure during this transition.

Looking at the road in front of us having someone outside of it all to help us through I think would be invaluable. While we will have our realtor I feel like they are more akin to an obstetrician, pediatrician, or midwife. We will turn to them to answer many of our questions but they will have other clients they are tending to as well. The moving doula would be there to support us through the itty bitty details.

Your birth or postpartum doula can do all of this for you. They can help your gain information about a topic if you want it. They can help you set up a plan or system to make things go smoother. They help you take care of yourself so you can be at your best. They provide a place to be safe with your emotions and not feel judged that you are not feeling or doing things a certain way.

A doula is there to support you through the transitions of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Let us help you.

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