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doula support

Recently I was on the phone with a potential client and they asked me “So what exactly do you support? I know some doula’s only support certain things.”

So what exactly can you expect your Crossroads Birth Services Doula support?

We will provide you nonjudgmental support your decisions. Only you can decide what is right for you and your family.

Pregnancy, labor and parenting are certainly not one size fits all. We understand that and provide the support you desire.

For us there is no:

Vaginal birth vs Cesarean

Epidural vs Pain medication free

Breastfeeding vs Formula feeding

Baby carrier vs Stroller

Midwife vs Obstetrician

Trial of Labor after Cesarean vs Repeat cesarean

Separate rooms vs Bassinet

Homemade baby food vs Store Bought

This list could go on and on for days.

There is no reason for these dichotomy splits. We believe there is no right or wrong way, only what is going to work best for you and ONLY you can decide that. This is your time and while you may not always feel like you are shinning, you should always feel like you are supported

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