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My Pinterest Fail

Pinterest Fail

So Pinterest is all the rage, right? (You can even follow us here)

Where else can you find recipes you may or may not ever cook, décor ideas that remain ideas, and endless activities to entertain your children?

Recently my two year old was driving me a little bonkers during a string of rainy days when we were cooped up inside. I decided to go onto Pinterest and see what I had already pinned that I could come up with. I came across a pin that was about toddler activities that require no set up.

No set up was exactly what this mom of a 2 year old and an infant needed. I came across a sensory bin where they suggested putting cornmeal, rice, beans in a tin for them to play with.

Perfect I had everything in the house!

I got my two year old strapped into her booster seat and started getting the materials into the tin. As I am putting everything together my gut SCREAMED, “This is going to make a big mess.” My brain did not listen.

I gave my toddler the tin and she started playing nicely, she was drawing designs in the cornmeal and appeared to be loving it. Then I turned my back…

She started tossing the cornmeal out by the handful and before I could stop her, the entire contents of the pan were all over her and the floor.

I took a deep breath, cleaned up the mess and am still finding bits of cornmeal around my house.

However, it reminded me of something we tell our doula clients to consider when making any decision, “What is your instinct telling you about this decision?”

Instinct Quote

My gut was telling me long before I handed that tray over that this was not going to end well for me but I ignored it and then had to clean up the mess, literally.

Tell us about a time you should have listened to your instinct and did not or a time you did and how it worked out for you.

Contact us for a consult today so we can support you in following your instincts.

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